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No, all our cars are right-hand steering, right-hand drive vehicles are more suitable for your safety in terms of being safer on the traffic because of the traffic on the left in the TRNC. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Road Map You can find the TRNC road map which you have rented from Eva Rent a Car free of charge for your use.
Yeah. The license of the Republic of Turkey and the foreign driver's licenses are valid for the duration of the visa granted to the TRNC. Anyone who comes to TRNC as a tourist is valid during his / her visa. Only those who work, study or have a residence permit in the TRNC are required to show their country qualifications in their TRNC license. So if you come to the island as a short-term tourist, your driving license is valid.
No, due to insurance conditions, only the rented person can use the vehicle, and the second driver must be included in the rental contract in order to use the vehicle.
Our company policy and insurance conditions require that the person leasing the vehicle must be at least 25 years old and not a student.
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